Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dead body of mermaid was founded on the Atlantic coast

Dead body of unknown creature was founded on the Atlantic coast. It was thrown out on the coast by the storm peole say. At this time this unusual discovery is selling on eBay auction. Many people think this is a body of the real mermaid.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meteorite guitar picks

Music has something common with the space. So thought SmartMedia Group and provided to the general public unusual guitar picks made from 4.5 billion years meteorite!
Such eccentric gadget is offered by today. There’s 3 different picks available on customer's choice: two of them are designed for standard guitar, and the third one is made especially for bass guitar. The price of space sample in the form of guitar pick is rather moderate, only $110-$135 per item.
So, no matter how the guitar will sound, no matter is this stuff handy or not, this meteorite guitar pick is a great gift to the friend of yours, especially looking at the price. The one thing I’m not sure in: are this guitar picks really made from meteorite? I mean, some certificate in a bundle to this picks will appropriately :)