Monday, August 28, 2006

Cash machine presented $750 millions for the lucky russian guy

Software failure generated 20 billions rubles (near $750 000) on the account of lucky russian guy in Novosibirsk.

This thing happened in Russia, with a luck guy Ievgeniy Borodin. He decided to charge a little cash from his account in a cash machine in downtown of Novosibirsk. After the operation the money amount on his account became 20 millions of rubles (near $750 000).

But Borodin was a honest person! He went to the bank a showed a check. Bank employee didn’t believe him. He decided to prove the failure. On the next day, after several transactions, the money amount on his account became 20 billions of rubles (near $750 000 000)!!! He went to the bank again, and showed the check. This time bank employee was a little bit clever. The bank had disconnected all cash machines and fixed the failure. Ievgeniy Borodin was granted a premium for his honest deed.